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El Calafate / Torres del Paine

Argentina & Chile9 nights

Ushuaia / Puerto Madryn

Argentina6 nights

Calafate / Ushuaia

Patagonia8 nights

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Cruise Tours

Australis Cruises

Australis Cruises are great, navigating among glaciers, fjords, Cape Horn and the best landscapes that are found in route between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas. Choices of 3, 4, 7 or 8 nights.

Santa Cruz Cruise

The Santa Cruz is a luxury cruise that travel the Argentino lake, visiting the glaciers Perito Moreno, Upsala, Spegazzini and Mayo. All inclusive 2 night programs. onboard this Marpatag cruise.

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The Patagonia Region Offers Natural Beauty Like No Other Place On Earth

If you are thinking on visiting South America, consider traveling to Patagonia at the southern end of the America continent, with its scenic parts in both Argentina and Chile.

Since its discovery, and word of its beauty was told, it has awakened fascination, curiosity, and desire for the remote, untouched, and mysterious. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and it is not like anywhere else in the world.

The Patagonia region expands just south of the river Colorado in Argentina, wedged in between the Andes mountains and the Atlantic ocean. You can really get a feel for what nature looks like unscathed by man. It is a primitive, serene and awesome scene.

The semi-arid plateaus of the eastern part of Patagonia are surreal to look at. The western mountain ranges have deep valleys and canyons, are overspread with trees, and are topped with snow and dotted with glaciers and lakes. The various elements combine into a breathtaking experience. It’s like seeing raw nature in its purest form.

In Chile, the Patagonia goes from the 8th region down below to Tierra del Fuego island, connecting to an area of magnificent natural beauty and disarming sublimity. There are volcanoes, lakes, and forests too.

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Dear team,

Thank you for all your assistance in putting our trip together, everything you did worked as planned.
All the hotels were great and the people were very helpful. We always got very good rooms, you must have clout!.
The picture below is of Heidi and me at Cape Horn, the cruise could not have been better.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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